In India, eCommerce industry is growing at an astoundingly fast pace. With the upsurge of so many online marketplaces, the blood bath is prevailing currently to grab the best vendors which are providing quality products at competitive prices.
Similarly, it is becoming more challenging for vendors to determine the appropriate portal or marketplace for them, in order to list their products online. Therefore, they are left with only two options. They can either spend all their time, brain and toil to list the products on 1 or 2 portals and stay behind their competitors, or they could start listing on all the available marketplaces and portals like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and similar others.
But the million dollar question is – Is it really possible for small local vendors or even people running mid-sized businesses, to  afford a huge team of experienced professionals for handling the inventory management, order management, customer servicing and other day to day tasks? After all, these are essential tasks to keep the online business running smoothly!
Well the answer is simple but emphatic YES. It is possible to manage these tasks efficiently. Sure, it is tough to manage this manually as, at the end of the day, we are all humans. Hence, the chances of errors are much higher. So, the vendors are always at a risk to lose the customers which they intend to sustain. Not only this, their money and online reputation is also at stake, and of course, no businessman would want this to occur even in his wildest dreams!
This is where the role of automated solutions comes into play. Many eCommerce solution providers in the market are providing ready to use or custom solutions to integrate the marketplaces. However, it would be genuinely incredible and smart to have your own eCommerce website, along with the integration of eBay and Amazon at one place. That way, you could drive your regular customers from your marketplace stores to your individual eCommerce websites, thereby building your own online brand identity.
Infinite eCommerce ( http://infiniteecommerce.in ) is providing such cloud solution as a multichannel shopping cart, which integrates the eCommerce website and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon at one point. Not just that, all the inventories remain synchronised in real time, thereby reducing the risk for human errors while updating the stock manually. Needless to say that such effectual solution will ultimately prevent or atleast reduce the order cancellation rate. Another great advantage of synchronised inventories is that all of your SKU’s get maximum exposure on all marketplaces, resulting in sales augmentation. More visibility adds to more sale. Simple as that.

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