different grinds and the use of a hollow grinding jig knifeup


Different Grinds and the Use of a Hollow Grinding Jig - Knife Up

Professional knife makers can grind steel blades without the help of a hollow grinding jig and still achieve their desired edge. Depending on the preference of workability, hollow grinding jigs can make making knives easier. Check out KnifeUp’s machete, tactical folding knife, and butterfly trainer review.

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The grind is concave, meaning that the sides of the blade curve inwards and meet to an equal degree in the middle. This is what gives hollow grind knives the sharp cutting edge. The downside is that the edge is generally weak and can dull very quickly. The grind is not up to tough tasks like chopping wood etc.

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Conceptually, the convex grind is exactly like the hollow grind but opposite. Instead of a concave grind which minimizes the material close to the edge, the convex grind places the maximum amount of material at the edge. This style of grind is great for hard use fixed blades and a variety of folding knives as well.

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A Hollow Grind is found on a knife like the Buck Woodsman because it& 39;s ideal for skinning. Full Flat Grind. The flat grind is the simplest type of grind, but it comes in three main varieties. The first is the Full Flat Grind. The Full Flat Grind begins tapering to the edge from the spine evenly on both sides.

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In this video knife maker Walter Sorrells discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various grind types -- flat grind, hollow grind, convex grind, Scandi...

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Then when I built the hollow grinding jig to help me get accurate grinds in a short time. I started Knife making as a project to make a personal gift for each of my children.

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The hollow grind does have a disadvantage of course. Since there is less material supporting the edge, it can chip or roll over with hard use which make hollow grinds unfavorable in large format knives like machetes. If you need your knife to be a supreme slicer, the hollow grind will perform admirably.

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The overall use isn& 39;t much different than doing it freehand, but the wide platform keeps the blade straight, and the stop keeps the grind from wandering. I guess the biggest advantage is repeatability of the grind. If you were hollow grinding twenty blades, every one should have an identical hollow grind.

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different grinds and the use of a hollow grinding jig knifeup